The Liqueurs and Spirits division is made up of twelve wine and spirit brands in categories such as liqueurs, brandy, gin, single malt whisky, rum and champagne. Within each category, the wines and spirits have particular characteristics, the main one being that all the brands are produced in their country of origin, often with savoir-faire passed down through generations.

The Maison Brillet was founded in 1850 by a family that had lived in the Cognac region since 1656. Renowned for its exceptional cognacs, its pineaux des Charentes and its Belle de Brillet liqueur in particular, this Maison joined Rémy Cointreau in 2020. Since then, Belle de Brillet's formula has evolved to achieve even higher quality. The bottle has been refined and a coherent set of communication tools has been developed: a website with an online store, new visuals, cocktail suggestions for professional or amateur mixologists.
Award of France Fruit Winner in the World Liqueur Awards 2023 competition
In 2023, Belle de Brillet's revival was acclaimed by several medals and awards, including the award of France Fruit Winner in the World Liqueur Awards 2023 competition, and for the second time in a row the brand has also been elected Best French Fruit Liqueur 2023.

A subtle blend of pear brandy and Cognac, Belle de Brillet has continued to grow in Quebec, with more than 100,000 bottles sold. In France, the brand is now well represented in the network of wine merchants and internationally with the United States which is now set to be the main new market to conquer.
Belle de Brillet and pear bottle
Wall with lavender
News 1: Metaxa is taking a bold stance in the apéritif market

The “Taste the Unexpected” campaign aims to promote Metaxa in Europe in the world of aperitifs, currently dominated by white spirits, beer and wine, and to boost the brand’s rejuvenation.

It invites consumers to discover how Metaxa’s unexpected fruity and aromatic flavours can renew their traditional aperitif moments.

The 360° communication strategy includes TV, digital, display, retail and e-commerce. The TV campaign, enjoying strong top-of-mind, will be continued over the next two years, accompanied by additional investments, notably in digital media.

News 2: Successful launch for Metaxa 5* Greek Orange

With the limited edition Metaxa 5* Greek Orange, the dual sensation of sweetness and bitterness of Metaxa 5* has found an unprecedented balance thanks to the pungent oranges of the Peloponnese. It is as if the edge of the glass had been flavoured with orange zest.

This new expression is mainly aimed at the growing public of flavoured spirits lovers and millennials looking for new sensations, thus revamping the brand’s image and promoting consumption during the “amber hour”.

The dual sensation of sweetness and bitterness.

More than 200,000 bottles of Metaxa 5* Greek Orange were shipped to Poland, Germany, the Baltic countries, Romania and Hungary, a real success for a first year. Next step: the launch in Greece, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

News 3: The first season of Metaxa Liknon

In 2022, Liknon, Metaxa’s home on the island of Samos, opened its doors and welcomed its first guests: Rémy Cointreau teams, distributors, bartenders and a selection of journalists and influencers. This first season extended from spring to autumn through to February, the vine pruning season on the island. In all, more than 230 guests from 6 countries enjoyed Greek hospitality and learned about the terroir of Samos, sustainable farming practices and the unique savoir-faire of Metaxa, as well as the art of preparing cocktails based on Metaxa. Finally, Liknon was the natural choice to host the second world meeting of the brand’s ambassadors.

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Mount Gay
News 1: In February 2023, Mount Gay celebrated its 320th anniversary in Barbados

Outstanding events and a world tour by Mount Gay Master Distiller Trudiann Branker preceded this celebration. For example, in Amsterdam, artist Pablo Lücker handcrafted glasses inspired by Eclipse, the brand’s century-old expression. In the United States, a partnership was forged with celebrity chef Richard Blais.

Then, last February, various locations all over the island of Barbados celebrated the anniversary of the oldest active rum distillery in the world. It was the perfect moment to reveal the new version of the famous Black Barrel: Black Barrel Cask Strength, whose specific feature is its extraordinary power. For the first time, Mount Gay launched a limited edition for its visitors to thank these rum aficionados who sometimes travel very long distances to celebrate the 320 years of the distillery.

News 2: The 5th and 6th Mount Gay Master Blender Collection

Madeira Cask Expression is a rum distilled in a traditional column, fully aged in Madeira wine casks for six years and bottled directly from each cask. This fifth Mount Gay Master Blender Collection was launched worldwide in September 2022.

The sixth collection was launched in the spring of 2023. The PX Sherry Cask Expression is a blend of still and column distilled rums that have aged for 20 years in American whiskey casks, then a final year in Sherry Pedro Ximenez wine casks. There is no better way of illustrating Mount Gay’s savoir-faire to celebrate its 320th anniversary.

Years of the Distillery
Distillerie Mount Gay
News 3: Regattas resume for the 40th anniversary of Mount Gay Red Cap

Mount Gay has always enjoyed a special relationship with sailing and 2022 saw the return of most yachting events and regattas around the world. In the United Kingdom, the legendary Cowes Week was back with Mount Gay as the official sponsor. In Barbados, sailors were able to take part in the iconic Round Barbados Race during Barbados Sailing Week.

In New York, Chicago, New England or California, regattas have resumed, with Mount Gay in the forefront with its legendary Red Cap, the cap most coveted by sailors for the past 40 years. The end of the pandemic has therefore revived the spirit of yachting, which is an integral part of Mount Gay’s long history.

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News 1: A year of expansion for St-Rémy Signature

Launched in 2020 in Canada, the brand’s historic market, St-Rémy Signature then broadened out in 2021 to Australia and some US states, then in 2022 to new markets such as Taiwan, Jamaica and, above all, the United Kingdom.

With its unique production process and understated bottle, St-Rémy Signature revamps the image of brandy and brings it into the world of cocktails.

A series of events was organised in 2022 for professionals and amateurs: launch with influencers at “Tales of Cocktails” in New Orleans, presence at “Cocktails in the City” in London and holding of the second “Signature Cocktail Week” in Canada.

During the event, nearly 70 cocktail bars presented creations showcasing St-Rémy Signature. Events and masterclasses with Cécile Roudaut, Master Assembler of the brand, brought together 300 professionals and influencers, while a major digital campaign generated nearly 30 million impressions.

Million impressions on the digital campaign
Bottle of St-Rémy on a table
News 2: A new communication platform for St-Rémy

The new communication platform, “The French Essential”, was inaugurated in 2022, positioning St-Rémy as the brandy of “real moments of pleasure”.

Based on the idea that a sincere and spontaneous approach to life is a guarantee of happiness, the campaign is an invitation to focus on the essentials, to reconsider one’s priorities and to question “what really matters in life”.

The images and films developed for the St-Rémy range reveal moments of sharing and conviviality around a flagship cocktail: Sangria during an al fresco aperitif for St-Rémy VSOP, a “St-Rémy Café” at a brunch with friends for St-Rémy XO and an “Old Fashioned” in a cocktail bar for St-Rémy Signature.

News 3: St-Rémy Café, the new way to enjoy St-Rémy XO

In 2022, St-Rémy fully played its role as world leader in French brandy by helping to renew this category through the St-Rémy Café concept. This novelty, which is based on the global trend in coffee and Cold Brew, is aimed at bars and restaurants as well as individuals.

A collection of cocktails and long drinks, cold or hot, based on coffee or cold brew, gives bartenders new ideas to renew their recipes and serve them at brunches.

This global strategy has taken different forms in different regions. In Calgary, the “XO Shaft” (St-Rémy XO, coffee liqueur, iced coffee and milk) was the star long drink at the last Stampede Festival, with 60,000 cocktails served in 10 days.

In Dubai, St-Rémy teamed up with Cold Brew brand Mokha for extensive training in coffee-based cocktails, as well as a bartender competition, featured on Instagram.

St-Rémy Café
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News 1: Telmont publishes "Our guide to sustainability in champagne"

Through its “Au Nom de la Terre” project launched in 2021, Telmont is committed to drastically reducing its carbon footprint by taking unprecedented decisions, such as eliminating all gift boxes, stopping the production of transparent bottles (which contained 0% recycled glass), reducing the weight of the standard champagne bottle, continuing the conversion to organic on its estate and by its winegrowing partners and, of course, preserving biodiversity.

In January 2023, Telmont reached a new milestone by publishing “Our Guide to Sustainability in Champagne”, which maps the way forward to an unprecedented achievement: becoming “Climate Positive” by 2030 and “Net Positive” by 2050.

Through its "Au Nom de la Terre" project, Telmont is committed to reducing its carbon footprint

Being “Climate Positive” involves going beyond carbon neutrality, by offsetting more greenhouse gases than we emit. “Net Positive” also requires a reduction of at least 90% in greenhouse gas emissions.

This level of environmental ambition implies a radical change in growing, production and transport practices. For this, Telmont relied on the tried and tested methods of the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTI).

News 2: Telmont stands out at the "Global Champagne Masters"

The Global Champagne Masters, organised by The Drinks Business magazine, are a major trade event. Every year, they reward the best champagne vintages. In 2022, 4 cuvées of Maison Telmont received awards: the Réserve Brut, Vinothèque 2012 and Blanc de Noirs 2014, a Drinks Business Gold, while Blanc de Blancs 2012 received a Drinks Business Master, the most prestigious award.

The judges of Wine Enthusiast magazine also attributed the scores of 94/100 to Blanc de Blancs 2013, 93/100 to the Reserve de la Terre vintage and 92/100 to Blanc de Noirs 2014. 

These distinctions recognise the work of Telmont’s teams and the unique style of its wines: ethereal and structured, tense and fresh, they have a subtle and balanced acidity that ensures impressive length.

News 3: Telmont is progressively adopting the lightest champagne bottle

Last spring, Telmont announced the launch of an experimental phase in the development of the lightest champagne bottle: 800 grams, a net gain of 35 grams.

This lightweight bottle is the result of a close partnership with the French glassmaker Verallia which, ten years previously, had managed to bring down bottle weight from 900 to 835 grams. This additional reduction is a technical feat. It does not reduce the mechanical strength of the bottles which are subjected to high pressure.

After a first successful trial on 3,000 bottles, Telmont will extend the test to 30,000 units. The certified organic “Réserve de la Terre” cuvée, aged for at least three years, has been chosen to launch the new bottles. The first lightweight bottles will therefore be marketed as early as 2026.

Telmont bottle in the air

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The Botanist
News 1: The Botanist launches its global "Look further" campaign

“Look Further”, The Botanist’s new global campaign, showcases the exceptional flavour of this Islay Dry Gin, its terroir and the distillery’s ethical commitment. It shows how it “looked further” to create this exceptional gin from the isle of Islay. Based on the pioneering principles of B Corp-certified companies and the pursuit of excellence, the campaign had a dual purpose: inspire a new audience to discover The Botanist and also reward the brand’s enthusiasts who share its values and have forged its success.

This 360° campaign, which supports The Botanist’s global growth ambitions, has been shown in cinemas, on the web, on pay-TV channels and on billboards, in the United States and in many European countries.

News 2: "The Botanist Martini Diaries" – a series featuring the best bartenders in the world

The Botanist has given a new dimension to the famous dry martini cocktail. The brand demonstrates this in “The Botanist Martini Diaries” series, featuring some of the world’s best bartenders.

The first episode profiles head bartender Alessandro Palazzi at Dukes Bar in London, the former haunt of James Bond author Ian Fleming. This bar has a reputation for serving “the best dry martini in the world”. Served dry, Alessandro’s offering is intended for purists.

The second episode was shot at the Atlas Bar in Singapore, which is regularly listed in the prestigious World’s 50 Best Bars. Head bartender Yana K serves dry martini with a touch of absinthe, in line with the bar’s 1920s style. Dubbed the Frozen Lake Martini, this version shows the cocktail’s capacity for innovation and constant reinvention, especially with The Botanist gin.

The Botanist bottle on a bar
News 3: The Botanist Gin launches "The Botanist Hebridean Strength" exclusively for Travel Retail

The first special edition of The Botanist was launched in October 2022. The Botanist Hebridean Strength is a new, more intense blend of the same 22 hand-picked Islay plants. Bolder, richer and deeper, its alcohol volume has also been ramped up to 51.5%. This new expression offers The Botanist fans an “exploration into the wild beauty of the Isle of Islay”.

Available at nine major airports in Europe and Australia, this new product has produced very good results. The launch was supported by the creation of a strong brand environment that has garnered strong enthusiasm and buy-in.

Deployed more widely in April 2023, The Botanist Hebridean Strength is now available at airports in the United Kingdom, Germany, Dubai and Spain. This gives the opportunity to increase its visibility while supporting the main brand range.

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