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Cointreau L’Unique continues to dominate the Cocktail scene

Cointreau l’Unique is the reference orange liqueur in the world for cocktails, because of its transformative power and its recognised organoleptic qualities. Its ability to enhance any cocktail gives it a place at the heart of more than 600 recipes, including the great classics: Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Sidecar or White Lady. Considered “the leading liqueur of all time” by bartenders*, Cointreau is becoming increasingly popular with professionals and consumers alike.

This dynamic is driven by the popularity of the Margarita, the 4th best-selling cocktail in the world in 2022**, but also by the international home cocktail boom. The brand is also gaining new market share under the impetus of its advertising campaign “Cointreau Changes Everything”, launched internationally in 2022.

*Source: Drinks international, 2022
**Source: Synthesio (February 2022 – February 2023)

We cultivate excellence through a perpetual quest for perfection.

Cointreau values
Balance and sharing
It is perfect between the peel of sweet and bitter oranges as at the heart of more than 600 cocktails.
Cointreau perpetuates the French way of life and a passion for sharing new flavours between demanding amateurs.
From the Belle Époque to the present day, the same enthusiasm drives Cointreau for creativity and the arts, which is also expressed through the art of cocktails.
Transformative power
Cointreau has the ability to change everything by enhancing each cocktail and transforming each tasting into a memorable moment.
News 1: A new design for an iconic bottle

140 years after the creation of its famous bottle, Cointreau has decided to make a few changes. At the time of its creation, Édouard Cointreau had been innovated with a square silhouette and amber-coloured glass. The new Cointreau l’Unique bottle retains the essentials, continuing to epitomise contemporary French elegance. Composed of recycled glass, it is now more ergonomic, with an elongated collar to facilitate its grip and a fuller silhouette, without adding any weight.

recipes and great cocktail tips

An orange appears for the first time on the label, as well as the original distillery of the Maison, in Angers. Another novelty, a QR code that links to and its 400 recipes and great cocktail tips. This launch is supported by various international events.

News 2: Cointreau launches its new international advertising campaign*

In its new bottle, Cointreau l’Unique is featured in the international advertising campaign “Cointreau Changes Everything”. Cointreau’s aromatic intensity transforms cocktails and tasting moments. In the new commercial shot in Paris, Cointreau’s transformative power is embodied by a mysterious dandy dressed in orange. He presses his watch to freeze time and gives the evening an exceptional turn.

Moreover, in a video, Alfred Cointreau, the 6th generation of the founder’s family, invites enthusiasts, enlightened amateurs or inspired mixologists, to join him in his kitchen for a masterclass around two great classics: the original Margarita and the legendary Cosmopolitan.

This campaign was posted on billboards, in the press, in points of sale, on social networks and in bars.

*Outside France

News 3: The Margarita Challenge – a must-not-miss contest

This year, Maison Cointreau invited some of the best bartenders in the world to reinvent the original Margarita, created 75 years ago by Margaret Sames, known as “Margarita”. For the anniversary of this iconic cocktail, participants had to imagine themselves in 1948 and be inspired by the accessories and techniques of the time. No fewer than 1,200 recipes were submitted from 67 countries, a 50 per cent increase on last year. In April 2023, eleven finalists flew to France for three days of immersive sightseeing and mixology challenges that culminated in victory. Winning a trip for two to France, and a world tour to promote their version of the original Margarita.

News 4: Sustainable commitments, from orchard to the glass

Cointreau continues to roll out its CSR action plan, initiated in 2021/22, which is based on three pillars:

– Preserve the terroir and biodiversity for future generations. This includes auditing suppliers and investing in research;

– Commit to People, in particular by encouraging more responsible drinking. The international success of the alternative cocktail category*, launched in 2022, shows a desire to consume less, but better;

– Respect long Time, by fighting against global warming, in particular with ecoTOTE refills tested in the United Kingdom.

Aligned with the Group’s ambitious goal, the roadmap consists of two milestones, 2030 and 2050, to achieve net-zero emissions across the entire value chain by mid-century.

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World cocktail scene, the Margarita craze
Cointreau continues to be driven by the global, ever-increasing popularity of the Margarita, the 4th best-selling cocktail in the world in 2022*. Its great flexibility makes it a safe bet for both professionals and consumers. The brand is reaping the benefits of its Margarita-focused strategy, which began in 2019.

The home cocktail boom, born during the pandemic, also continues its rise, making Cointreau a choice option, at the heart of more than 600 recipes. Around the world, special events were organised to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Margarita and highlighted other cocktails: masterclass tour with Alfred Cointreau in France, exceptional partnership with Dan Levy in the United States, tour in a Combi in the colours of L’Unique in Australia or poster campaign in the United Kingdom.

*Drinks International 2022
Ingredients for 1 cocktail
  • 3 cl
    Cointreau L’Unique
  • 5 cl
    Tequila Blanco
  • 2 cl
    Fresh lime juice
  • 1
  • 5
Margarita Originale
To make an original Margarita:
  • Step 1/3
    Mix 3 cl of Cointreau l’Unique, 5 cl of Tequila Blanco and 2 cl of fresh lime juice in a shaker with ice cubes.
  • Step 2/3
    Shake well.
  • Step 3/3
    Filter into a salt-edged Margarita glass

    *The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health, you must drink responsibly.
The limited edition: Cointreau and The Tropicool Company

The artist collective The Tropicool Company has given the Cointreau bottle a Mexican make-over, in homage to the country of origin of the Margarita. This limited edition, with a pop design, celebrates the iconic cocktail of the Maison Cointreau.

Three of the four sides of the bottle originally imagined by Édouard Cointreau are dressed in colourful scenes that evoke the liqueur and the cocktail: one side for the orange, one for Acapulco and one for the Margarita.

All-time liqueur for bartenders
orange groves grown for Cointreau will be certified by 2025