Our “The Sustainable Exception” transformation plan is ambitious and we have invested the necessary means to support it: a clear vision, CSR governance deployed at all levels of the Group and 80 million euros over 10 years.

It is based in particular on the conversion to agroecology for all our terroirs, the use of renewable energies for our production sites, awareness and training of our employees on the issues of sustainability and responsible drinking, the eco-design of packaging but also the launch of pilot projects exploring the circularity of glass.

“We are a player in an ecosystem where everyone’s responsibility is to take into account the environmental impacts at all stages of products’ life cycle. We want to be a driving force to commit all our stakeholders – whether they are partner-farmers, consumers of our bottles, our glassmakers, our carriers or our distributors – to this joyful and necessary transition towards greater sufficiency and responsibility.”

– Laetitia Delaye, Head of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility

Laetitia Delaye
Doe between the vines Doe between the vines

Sustainable development is one of the four major pillars of this transformation and a strategic priority.


At Rémy Cointreau, transmission is at the heart of our story. For almost 300 years, our role as terroir custodians has committed us to pass on our centuries-old savoir-faire to future generations.

Being a family business has engaged us for decades to protect the People who make up our community and to build a better future for the generations to come.

Sustainability is much more than a theoretical concept. It is at the heart of our rationale and is cultivated in our daily actions.

Because climate change threatens the existence of our Terroirs.

Our exceptional wines and spirits take root in the soil of our terroirs. This is why we are committed, with our winegrowers and farmer-partners, to deploying agroecological practices to meet climate challenges, to become stakeholders of soil resilience and protect biodiversity.

Together, we can make a difference.

At Rémy Cointreau, the environmental transition is inseparable from human and social ambition. We are a community of Men and Women, united by the values of respect and excellence. Together with our employees, partners, farmers and bartenders, we are working to find concrete and sustainable solutions to gear up our transition.

Because it is vital to make a long-term commitment.

By respecting the immutable rhythm of nature, we manage to give life to unique and iconic spirits, while preserving resources and reducing our impacts.

At Rémy Cointreau, we believe that developing exceptional champagnes and spirits requires us to be exemplary, sincere and transparent. It is therefore throughout our sphere of responsibility – from our terroirs to the responsible consumption of our products – that we are committed to acting and promoting more sustainable practices.



– Speeding up the transition to agroecology in our regions
– Promoting our soil as a carbon sink in the fight against global warming
– Investing in R&D to sustainably protect our terroirs and their specificity

– Ensuring responsible, committed and exemplary governance at all levels of the company
– Establishing well-being at work and promoting the diversity of teams for more wealth and creativity
– Guaranteeing the transmission of our ancestral savoir-faire and developing a culture of continuous training among our employees
– Promoting ethical and responsible consumption and communication
– Engaging with our partners and communities: sharing our values and value creation

– Reducing the environmental impact of our activities (carbon and water) and aiming for Net Zero Carbon by 2050
– Carrying out solidarity-based climate actions, now, to contribute to the Group's carbon neutrality
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