The Cognac division includes the brands of the Maison Rémy Martin (Rémy Martin and LOUIS XIII) and the Maison Brillet.

These cognacs are made exclusively from eaux-de-vie sourced in Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, the two leading crus of the Cognac appellation, which offer the greatest ageing potential (more than 100 years, for some Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie).

NEWS 1: LOUIS XIII THE DROP, 1cl of Cognac to celebrate the intensity of time

2022 saw the birth of a new tasting experience: LOUIS XIII THE DROP. This new initiation ritual is also an ode to spontaneity. The innovative 1cl format of LOUIS XIII Cognac invites you to live and share the moment to transform an ephemeral moment into an unforgettable memory.

A new initiation ritual is also an ode to spontaneity

This nomadic accessory for a generation that is constantly on the move is available in 5 colours, which can be brought together in the Collection Box. A matching shoulder strap allows you to carry your bottle close to the body, like a jewel. THE DROP is drunk directly from the bottle, thus departing from the traditional tasting ritual of this unique cognac.

Once again, LOUIS XIII reinvents the codes of luxury in the world of exceptional spirits and broadens its circle of connoisseurs.

NEWS 2: LOUIS XIII redefines the future with The Infinity Experience and a new box

LOUIS XIII has taken a new step in its quest for “Sustainable Exception”. In France, England and China, The Infinity Experience offers the possibility of filling the LOUIS XIII decanter an unlimited number of times. Each empty decanter is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, registered and refilled. It is then sent back to its owner, in a box and bearing a medal engraved with the refill number.

LOUIS XIII has also applied its visionary approach to its new box. After two years of development, it has been completely redesigned using cellulose, while maintaining the key elements of LOUIS XIII’s legacy. CO2 emissions released by the packaging process are thereby reduced by 57%. This box also offers a new opening experience to forge a stronger emotional bond with its consumers.

NEWS 3: In Venice, LOUIS XIII reveals its new treasure – RARE CASK 42.1
10 years after RARE CASK 42.6, LOUIS XIII unveils RARE CASK 42.1: a genuine feat of Time and nature, the ultimate expression of LOUIS XIII cognac. Limited to some 775 unique black crystal decanters, RARE CASK 42.1 stands as an opening to the wonders of the world.

Cellar Master Baptise Loiseau unveiled this exceptional edition in Venice, the city of wonders that perfectly embodies the eternal values of Louis XIII. During the very exclusive “Care For Wonders” evening, attended by 120 guests from all over the world, he revealed its secret: a unique cask with a totally new aromatic profile and an unexpected alcohol content of 42.1%. A discovery that deserved to be revealed to the world.

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NEWS 1: Rémy Martin launches its first Super Bowl campaign with Serena Williams

In February 2023, Rémy Martin teamed up with an ideal partner, global tennis superstar Serena Williams, for its Super Bowl LVII début.

The campaign is inspired by the famous “Inch by Inch” speech from the American football film Any Given Sunday and celebrates group effort in every sense: great success cannot be achieved alone and excellence is only possible through teamwork.

Broadcast live for the first time during the first quarter of the Super Bowl on 12 February last in Glendale (Arizona), the one-minute advert received unprecedented exposure: 115.1 million viewers followed the sporting event, representing the highest audience in the history of this competition.

It was enthusiastically received as illustrated by the following metrics: 11.1 billion impressions, 1,538 press articles, 68,000 engagements more than 3,000 social media mentions, as well as 6.7 million views on the Rémy Martin YouTube account.

Million viewers
Bouteilles Rémy Martin posés sur une table avec deux verres
NEWS 2: "A Taste of Passion" – Rémy Martin joins forces with Usher

Launched last July, the global “A Taste of Passion” campaign reveals an exclusive 1738 Accord Royal bottle, combined with an NFT made with Usher. The words used by the RnB singer to describe the sensations that this cognac gives him were transformed into an avant-garde work of art by artificial intelligence.

25 of the 50 bottles in the series were sold on BlockBar – the leading NFT platform in the spirits industry – at an initial price of $500 and sold out in less than 2 seconds, a record for BlockBar. Today, their resale price can reach up to $18,137.

Finally, the campaign generated more than 3.6 billion impressions, including 3.2 billion in the press, more than 140 articles and more than 7 million social media engagements.

This very limited edition was launched in conjunction with an unprecedented multi-sensory immersive experience in Las Vegas, during Usher’s My Way: The Las Vegas Residency.


Rémy Martin bottle

NEWS 3: Rémy Martin opens a new store in China

On 13 January 2023, Maison Rémy Martin opened a 108 m² store at the Haikou International Duty Free Shopping Complex in Hainan, the world’s largest duty free shopping mall. The Maison invites consumers to explore the world of cognac through a range of high-end, innovative and customised services.

Each space in the boutique highlights a facet of the Maison’s legacy. They present interactive experiences, displays with new aromatic aromas and a tasting bar featuring a wheel of culinary accords. The store also includes a virtual reality space to discover Rémy Martin XO, as well as a private lounge called the “Eternity Room” where clients can experience a unique introduction to LOUIS XIII. This new immersive store showcases the precious terroir of the Maison, and marks a new stage in its relationship with its clients.

Boutique Rémy Martin Hainan
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