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An unchanged ambition:
to become the global leader in exceptional spirits.


Over the past 15 years, the implementation of this strategy has led the Group to sell brands and other assets deemed less suited to its value creation strategy and to take full control of its distribution in key markets (exit from Maxxium in April 2009).

Since 2015, the Group has accelerated its strategy of moving upmarket so as to differentiate itself and emphasise its uniqueness: ultimately, the Group’s ambition is to become the world leader in exceptional spirits.

Bouteille Louis XIII sur fond rouge

2023/24 OUTLOOK

Since the announcement of its 2030 strategic plan in June 2020, Rémy Cointreau has made significant progress in the implementation of its four strategic priorities, enabling it to be ahead of the objectives set.

In 2023/24, Rémy Cointreau anticipates a continued strong normalization of consumption in the United States, at a level that will nonetheless remain significantly higher than in 2019/20.
At the same time, the Group expects strong growth in the rest of the world, led by major gains in China, a very good showing in EMEA and the Rest of Asia, and business similar to levels observed in 2019/20 in Travel Retail.Against this backdrop, the Group expects sales to remain stable on an organic basis in 2023/24, with:
– A strong sales decline in the first half, reflecting a very strong fall in the United States and high bases for comparison;
– A strong recovery in the second half, driven by a sharp rebound in the US starting in the third quarter.

Rémy Cointreau intends to confirm its level of organic profitability based on:
– Continued roll-out of a value-driven strategy built on a firm pricing policy and improved price mix;
– Resilient gross margin in a persistently inflationary context;
– Stabilization of the ratio of marketing and communication spend/sales;
– Tight control of overhead costs.

The Group estimates that currency will have an unfavorable impact for:
– Sales: between -€50M and -€60M;
– COP: between -€10M€ and -€15M.


In the medium term, Rémy Cointreau is reasserting its ambition to become the world leader in exceptional spirits, with a growth outlook that is still attractive, particularly in a world of more responsible consumption.

For this, Rémy Cointreau intends to pursue its values strategy and the construction of a business model that will deliver both profitable and responsible growth.

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News & trend in the Americas
News: Cointreau stands out in US markets

In the United States, while the cognac market is returning to normal after its peak during the pandemic, Cointreau continues to grow.
The brand enjoyed a record year in Mexico, where activity doubled year on year. As for Puerto Rico, it has become the brand’s largest market in the world.

In Mexico City, the opening of the first LOUIS XIII pop-up store in the Americas gave this exceptional brand an exceptional showcase through an effective communication campaign.

In Barbados, Mount Gay grew by 30%, almost returning to its pre-pandemic level.

Trend: Upgrading in Central and Latin America

In the first half of the year, the key countries of Central America and Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Colombia) continued to follow the trends observed during the pandemic, with a rise in consumption from which the Group’s brands, and Cointreau in particular, benefited.

In the second half of the year, a slight drop in consumption was recorded due to the cost of living, a consequence of the economic context in the countries of the region. Nevertheless, growth remained higher than pre- pandemic levels.

Focus in the Americas

In Mexico and Puerto Rico, the strong growth of Cointreau was driven by a new focus on the iconic Margarita cocktail, through a 360° campaign. All channels were activated and Cointreau could be seen in airports – enjoying high footfall -, on billboards or even on self-service bicycles, for maximum visibility.

Staff training was organised and DYO (Do Your Own) sessions were held for customers to perfectly master the cocktail recipe. Finally, a premium Margarita was featured on the menu of a selection of restaurants.

In Puerto Rico, a major week-long activation was organised to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Throughout the year, more than 20 events (brunches, parties) highlighted Cointreau’s flagship cocktail.

Cointreau Cocktail
Oranges marquées de l'écriture Cointreau


Focus in EMEA
Focus 1: Rémy Producers Season 2 in South Africa and Dubai

Rémy Producers is launching another season hosted by the South African duo, Major League DJz. This contest for up-and-coming DJs kicked off in South Africa and ended in Dubai with a big end-of-year finale. Screened on TV, social networks and in Rémy Martin points-of-sale, the campaign allowed DJs to try their luck. The ten finalists received a masterclass before hitting the turntables themselves. Thuto the Human won the coveted title of “Remy Producers Winner”. His victory gave him the opportunity to perform in the most prestigious venues in Dubai.

A draw was also organised to win a luxury safari as well as a front row ticket at African Fashion Week.

This operation allowed the brand to continue a close collaboration initiated between two key markets: South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

Focus 2: Festivals and events in Poland

Activation of Metaxa 5* Tonic was rolled out across three music festivals. Aimed at rejuvenating the brand’s consumer target and installing a new mixology-based strategy, the event reached out to more than 33,000 people between July and September.

Whisky festivals have shown their effectiveness in building lasting relationships and recruiting new customers. At the PHD (Progressive Hebridean Distillers) workshop, visitors enjoyed the specificity and diversity of these unique malt singles. In addition, masterclasses accessible to buyers were organised and led by Polish specialists and ambassadors of the Bruichladdich distillery, to learn to distinguish them and appreciate their specific features. Several thousand bottles of the PHD range (Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte and Octomore) were sold during whisky festivals, visited by nearly 18,000 enthusiasts.

Focus 1
Focus 2


Focus in APAC
Focus 1: LOUIS XIII The Drop pop-up store in Singapore

Last December, LOUIS XIII accompanied the launch of THE DROP through the first immersive retail experience in south-east Asia. The pop-up store opened for 30 days on Orchard Road, Singapore’s famous shopping street. The inauguration brought together many media and opinion leaders.

Immersion in the world of LOUIS XIII THE DROP and discover the art of craftsmanship.

Throughout the month, shoppers were able to immerse themselves in the world of LOUIS XIII THE DROP through interactive augmented reality experiences and art and craft booths giving them the opportunity to customise the bottle and its case. In a separate area, clients could also discover the entire LOUIS XIII range.

Focus 2: Bruichladdich Whisky Festival in Japan

For more than ten days, Rémy Cointreau Japan organised the Bruichladdich whisky festival in April in Tokyo, at the Roppongi Hills complex. The event welcomed more than 7,000 guests, including more than 200 VIPs and media representatives.

Several visitors attended Bruichladdich distillery brand workshops and participated in commented tastings. In addition to the attendance of the festival and the sales it generated, the event significantly increased the number of followers of the local Instagram account of the brand, as well as engagement in other social media channels.

Focus 1
Focus 2


Focus Global Travel Retail
Focus 1: The Botanist – an exclusive launch

Since October 2022, more than 20 promotional operations have been set up to support the launch of the exclusive product, The Botanist Hebridean Strength, in the Heinemann duty free network.

Newsletters, e-commerce information pages, in-store merchandising and tasting operations activated sales in the second half of the year in several European airports.

The Botanist Travel Retail stand
Focus 2: Summer 2022 – The arrival of Metaxa in Greek airports

During the summer period, Metaxa developed an omnichannel approach in the main Greek airports: Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Rhodes and Samos. Through posters, a digital drive-to-store campaign and the launch of the 7* Aegean limited edition, in the summer of 2022 Metaxa embodied the image of Greece for all travellers.

Stand Cointreau Travel Retail
Focus 3: Cointreau at the heart of multi-brand cocktail activations

The World of Cocktails platform brings together the brands of the Group’s portfolio where Cointreau stands out with more than 300 cocktails. This new tool allows brands to customise the promotion of their product according to traveller profiles.

These activations met with tremendous success, with an average 250% increase in sales compared to the non-activation period.

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Focus 2
Focus 3